Learn American English Online

Link http://www.learnamericanenglishonline.com/index.html
Content Quality Category Category Category Category Category Lessons 145
Site Design Category Category Category Category Category Exercises 56
Cost Value Free Feedback/Support None
American/British American

Learn American English Online offers free English grammar lessons in seven levels of difficulty. Each lesson includes written explanations and examples, audio files, pictures, and video explanations, many of which are useful and well done. In addition to a few practice assignments in some of the lessons, there are quizzes with each level and other resources including vocabulary and dialogues.

The site, however, is poorly designed, difficult to navigate, and burdened by distracting advertisements that annoyingly interrupt the content. In addition, the content is laced with errors, many of which are simple typos. The site is free and apparently funded through advertising and perhaps donations. Membership is not necessary to use the lessons.  The purpose of membership seems to be to join the mailing list.

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